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Insight into
our investment philosophy

We subscribe to the idea that we only focus on areas that we can control. This includes asset allocation, investment costs, and tax efficiency. Chasing performance by attempting to choose the next “hot” fund manager does a disservice to clients and results in lackluster performance with high fees. Trading excessively or reactively to short-term noise is also futile, since activity is not correlated with investment results.

Instead, we create an investment portfolio with an appropriate asset allocation mix that aligns with each client’s unique risk tolerance, while being sensitive to costs and taxes. Additionally, we don’t believe in prepackaged portfolio models. We do not shoehorn our clients into box A, B or C and call it a day. Instead we will design a portfolio that reflects your goals, needs, life stage and risk tolerance.

While we subscribe to the belief that low-cost index funds should form the core of an investment portfolio, we also believe that active management can and does add value in certain areas of the markets. We construct and manage customized portfolios that combine the benefits of passive and select active management.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.