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louder than transactions

There is quite some distance between us and Wall Street, not just in miles, but in mindset. We strive to be the opposite of stodgy Wall Street firms with a tired tradition of selling commission-generating, one-size-fits-all investment products.

At Novak & Powell, our close-knit, collaborative team is dedicated to helping our clients pursue and achieve their goals by maintaining an open, transparent business model that puts our clients’ needs ahead of our own. While we are relatively young compared to the average advisory team, we have a wealth of experience. There is comfort in continuity, knowing that the firm’s principals, David Novak and Josh Powell, won’t retire before you do, and are young enough to be relatable to your twenty-something son or grandson – which is highly useful when it comes to multigenerational planning.

When you see the right thing, you’d better do it.
Paul Newman