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Finding the right advisory team to serve as your trusted partner is essential for your financial independence and well-being. Here’s why we believe you should give serious consideration to Novak & Powell Financial Services.

Fee-only, complete transparency

One of our greatest differentiators is that we are a fee-only practice. We manage our clients’ assets without all of the hidden fees you might find at many firms. Every dollar in compensation comes to us in a completely transparent manner.

To be clear, fee-based is not the same as fee-only

Many advisors tout fee-based compensation. Where fee-based can be misleading is that in addition to fees, advisors can take commissions from financial products they recommend such as annuities, insurance and load-based mutual funds. This creates the potential for an obvious conflict of interest. Here’s what we think: Either you’re compensated on a commission basis or you’re not; there is no in-between. Fee-only means the only source of compensation your advisor receives is from advisory fees. That’s the way we operate.

We are a fiduciary

We uphold a fiduciary standard when it comes to managing assets, which requires us to put the interests of our clients above our own. It also means we must do our best to ensure that our investment analysis is as thorough and accurate as possible, and that we strive to trade securities with the best combination of low cost and efficient execution. Buyer beware: Not all advisors are fiduciaries.

Advisor owned and operated

We answer to our clients, not to some corporate hierarchy, freeing us to be completely independent and client-centric instead of offering prepackaged corporate solutions or some heavily promoted fund of the month.

Service befitting a boutique-style family office

You can expect a relationship of capable trust and attentive service that will leave you wanting for nothing. The complexities of wealth demand it and you deserve it.

Continuity, today and tomorrow

Our accumulated experience to date, coupled with the fact that we’re only at the midpoint of our own career trajectories, means you can count on us for seasoned guidance for decades to come.

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